Late Sittings

Its 3:12 AM and still i am in office and doing nothing except moving around providing some help and support.  We were unable to do deliver the shipment due to unavoidable reason.  I just found out how to extract the outlines codes from Project server.  I just saw how easy it is to use Project data Services.  I am feeling sleepy.  but that’s a fact .. i dont have to sleep.  i have work to do. 



My First MSN Blog


Nice to see this cool MSN space feature from MSN.  Finally they did some thing to make their customers happy.  I think things will get better in comming days.  MSN 7.0 is also launched with a bit of change.  Some new features are introduced like dynamic picture, Nudge, winks, feature packs, personal messages etc.. which shows tremendeous achievements.  Let hope for the best.

Yasir Attiq Butt