WeekEnd of An IT Professional

Weekend of an IT Professional

My weekend Starts at saturday 6:30 AM morning when i went back to home after working ALL Friday night.  I did nothing except changing my dress and JUMP on Bed went to sleep in 10 seconds.  Get up at 1:30 PM noon by a loud talking Aunt.  Did nothing except watching TV.  and Went to Sleep again at 1 Am midnight.  Getup at 2:30 PM noon again, caught by mom to get house holds and daily food items like grocries, wheat and meat.  Then Sit and watched Manchester United Vs NewCastle United. in English premiership match which was full of tention again.  Manutd was 1 down untill Rooney Hits a Crashing, scorture.  in the dying minutes manutd scores from corner.  and Won the match.  i started to feel sleepy again.  and went to sleep at 10:30 PM and thats it .. this is my weekend. 

🙂 I feel better when i work.  (Weekend is a bluff)


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