Dubugging IEXPlorer for Web Applications

I have just learned to debug a deployed page so here are the steps to deploy it.
Note: Make sure you had unchecked the disable client script from Internet Explorer -> Internet Options -> Advance – Disabled Client Script.
1. use IIS Manager to open the page and IE address bar to track the location of the page
2. OPen the .asp Page in VS.Dot Net
3. Find the mehthod to debug.
4. Open your ASp page in new window of IE.
5. Go to Tools Menu – Click on Debug Process.
6. Select IExplorer from List of processes
7. Click Attach Button.
8. Select Client and Common languge runtime  and Click Ok
9. click Close Button
10. Process CTRL + Alt + N to view the Running Documents Window ( or from Debug Menu – Expand Windows and Select Runnig Documents.
11. Your currently opend page will appear on the running window.  Double Click on the page to open the script
12. Search your script and insert breakpoint (F9). 
13. From Explorer Perform the required action to debug.  e.g button Click.
Not it is very easy to debug code on a Web form .

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