Office 2003 Service Pack Released

Office 2003 Service
Pack Released on September 27 2005.

Microsoft has released Service Pack 2 for Office 2003
which addresses reliability issues highlighted by customers.

The updates include support for applications,
security and performance improvements, and extend across Office client
applications as well as servers.

On the security front SP2 includes an
enhancement to Outlook to help prevent
phishing attacks,
the spoof emails that try to obtain private data.

Outlook also has an improved spam filter. Junk
messages are now rendered as plain text, preventing HTML information from being
viewed inadvertently. Links are now disabled in spam.

The SP2 release ranges from 50MB to 104MB,
depending on selected download components. It is applicable to all versions of
Office 2003, and includes support for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

Windows SharePoint Services
and Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003
have been updated to include support for the upcoming releases of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005.

if you wanted to download Office 2003 Service pack 2







Week End – Hopes this time



Finally the weekend came.  This week was not very busy
but I was overburden by myself.  I have installed 7 Virtual machine for
project server windows 2003 server, XP and 2000.  I have also created a
virtual machine for Visual Studio .net 2005, SQL Server 2005 with office and
SPs.  Unfortunately the VM is nothing because I had defined it as Fixed
sized.  It just got full and not it a complete waste.  Now I am
defining another VM with 9 GB of space.  I learned that we must not
specify the maximum size of the virtual machine during creation process.  Saturday
and Sunday are little busies this time.  But I am planning to go through
SQL Server Reporting services Labs this week.  Also few videos are also
there to see.  So most of the times I will be switching on SQL server and


Good Day!!!!



INTECH Cricket Tournament (Presidential Challenge Cup) + BBQ Night

We are going to play company sponsored "Cricket Tournament
(Presidential Challenge Cup)" on Sunday 2nd Oct. Following is the detail


1. There will be 4 teams (11 side each),

            1) Sensys A

            2) Sensys B

            3) OPS

            4) Rest of all 


2. Venue and  Rules n Regulations will be intimated later on.


2. There will be 5 matches in total (including final). Matches
will start at 5PM and will end around 10PM (day n night).


3. Dinner/Food will be served end of 4 nos. league matches and
before final match.

4. Food Menu will be live BBQ, Ice Cream, drinks.

5. You can bring your immediate families (spouse and kids only),
BUT you have to get me head counts before 4pm tomorrow 30th Sep, so that we can
make arrangements accordingly.




1) As per the tradition, loser 3 teams will arrange the dinner for
the winner of the Presidential Challenge Cup.

2) As per the 2nd tradition, everyone at INTECH”s/SENSYS’s board
needs to participate in the event otherwise …….. dash dash dash………….


More information later on.



Project server synchronization with active directory

Day of the Virtual Drives


As my boss is out of office for UMRAH at Holy city of Makkah (Saudi
Arabia) I have few things to finish
off.  My first task was to finish the project plan for the al wastani
project.  I tried my best to finish it off but it is much complex than it
looks.  My next step was to build test virtual machines and configure
Active Directory to be used for our project server deployment.  But
creating the virtual machine started the era of virtual machines.  I created
3 virtual machines.  1 for project server 1 for Active directory and 1 for
Longhorn hey from where the longhorn come from at this time luckily I got the
longhorn October 2003 PDC release from the a CD store.  So I think this is
the right time to install and see what’s the big deal.

i upgrade an existing Win2k3 virtual machine for that and testing longhorn and
the result is that it isn’t look good of course it is an old
release.  But let see when I can get the Vista
and see what Microsoft has in it that is great.


Let’s come to the real thing.


Connecting Project Serer enterprise resource pool to Active

  1. Install windows 2003 server
    with configure Active directory (give your computer a static IP and DCPromo
    in Run and some simple steps)
  2. Create Users in active
  3. Create same Groups in Active
    Directory with the same name as project server default groups e.g. Project
    Managers, Team Members
  4. Add the uses to the active
    directory groups
  5. Install project server 2003
  6. Add the Domain administrator
    account to project server as windows authentication
  7. Login to computer as domain
  8. Start PWA.
  9. click Admin -> users and
    groups -> Groups
  10. Select and group and click
  11. Under the group name in active directory
    text box enter the name of the group in active directory e.g. Project
  12. Click Save
  13. On the Groups home page select
    a group from the groups grid and scroll down and expand the active
    directory user synchronization link.
  14. If you want to schedule the synchronization
    select the option and click save settings.
  15. Click Update now to synchronization
  16. Repeat the step for all groups
  17. On Admin page click users and
    groups you can see the users from the active directory added to the project
    server security groups.


Things to look for

  1. You must be login as Domain
    administrator account who has the rights to read from active directory
  2. You must uninstall the IE
    enhanced security pack
  3. Check the events in case of any
    error to synchronization.
  4. Enter the groups name without
    the domain e.g if your domain is PS and group is project manager you can
    only user project manager.


Its looks simple this way but it is tricky.  Make sure
to read the project server administration guide chapter 5 for synchronization
with active directory for reference purpose.