Distress All Day………]:September 24 2005

7:45 PM September 24 2005

Distress All Day………]:

Finally I am posting my blog entry. The day is over and I am sitting in an (just Simly) air conditioning bogi on the train to lahroe. The day went a little sad. I saw few bad things where I can not do any thig. I just started the day with the journey to my native city gujrat approx 200 miles from lahore. Our journey was going smooth until the train stop suddenly by presure break (emergency incase). The news was that a teenange was hit by the train and the kid died instantly. But we have to stop for half an hour. Finally we just got cleared and reached gujrat. The next distresting event was the 2nd degree burns to Zain and 3rd degree burns to omer. Both are my cuz and 10 and 13 respectivly. Both have their bandages on and they were in very bad condition. I spent most of my time with zain. We finally came home at 2:30. The rest of the day went quicly by wasting some time with my cuz Waseem on general. The rest I sat and completed my CV which is on hold from very long time now. And finally I get away from my house and now I am in my train… not on my seat because I was just forwared to some one else’s seat. Now I am watching for a seat (Open and free where I can sit freely and work… What work .. I don’t know)..


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