WSS Service Pack 2.0 Launched

here! It’s here! Just wanted to let you know that WSS SP 2 is now
available on the Microsoft Download Center. You can find the direct
download link here.

SP 2 release has substantial supportability improvements including:

  • Support for running on 64-bit machines in 32-bit
    emulation mode 
  • Support for Reverse Proxy and Alternate URL
  • Support for IP Bound virtual servers
  • Support for off-box SSL termination
  • Support for SQL Server 2005
  • Support for ASP.NET 2.0

Everyong running WSS
and SPS are encouraged to update to WSS SP 2.  However, although SPS
SP1/RTM will be able to run on top of WSS SP2, Microsoft is restricting
support for the "shared" functionality that is added in SP2 for SPS
and WSS until SPS SP2 ships. The shared functionality is the support
improvements above.

In other words, even though you’ll be able to install WSS SP2 on SPS
SP1/RTM installs, you still need to wait for SPS SP2 before utilizing any
of the newly-supported functionality above.

Some useful KB articles related to this release:

Windows SharePoint Services Administration Guide will be updated later in the
day today. Make sure to download the latest copy so that you have instructions
for using the new WSS SP 2 feature functionality.

SharePoint Services SP 2 will also ship in Windows Server
R2.  Additional documentation about the new SP 2 features is included
in this
walkthrough document

is also (officially) supporting FireFox 1.0.4 (and later) with this SP2 for
WSS. Sweet!




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