INTECH Cricket Tournament (Presidential Challenge Cup) + BBQ Night

We are going to play company sponsored "Cricket Tournament
(Presidential Challenge Cup)" on Sunday 2nd Oct. Following is the detail


1. There will be 4 teams (11 side each),

            1) Sensys A

            2) Sensys B

            3) OPS

            4) Rest of all 


2. Venue and  Rules n Regulations will be intimated later on.


2. There will be 5 matches in total (including final). Matches
will start at 5PM and will end around 10PM (day n night).


3. Dinner/Food will be served end of 4 nos. league matches and
before final match.

4. Food Menu will be live BBQ, Ice Cream, drinks.

5. You can bring your immediate families (spouse and kids only),
BUT you have to get me head counts before 4pm tomorrow 30th Sep, so that we can
make arrangements accordingly.




1) As per the tradition, loser 3 teams will arrange the dinner for
the winner of the Presidential Challenge Cup.

2) As per the 2nd tradition, everyone at INTECH”s/SENSYS’s board
needs to participate in the event otherwise …….. dash dash dash………….


More information later on.



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