Week End – Hopes this time



Finally the weekend came.  This week was not very busy
but I was overburden by myself.  I have installed 7 Virtual machine for
project server windows 2003 server, XP and 2000.  I have also created a
virtual machine for Visual Studio .net 2005, SQL Server 2005 with office and
SPs.  Unfortunately the VM is nothing because I had defined it as Fixed
sized.  It just got full and not it a complete waste.  Now I am
defining another VM with 9 GB of space.  I learned that we must not
specify the maximum size of the virtual machine during creation process.  Saturday
and Sunday are little busies this time.  But I am planning to go through
SQL Server Reporting services Labs this week.  Also few videos are also
there to see.  So most of the times I will be switching on SQL server and


Good Day!!!!



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