HELP, MSDN, and Visual Studio .Net 2005

HELP, MSDN and Visual Studio.Net 2005

During my RND on Microsoft Visual Studio .Net 2005 Code name Whidbey I found few very interesting improvements in MSDN, VS.Net help system.  These improvements will prove very effective as most developers spend a lot of time searching for THE class and THE Code that they need to refer to. So here are few changes.

MSDN Search now uses the MSN Search Engine for the new MSDN (where articles are much better attributed) to produce return results having a higher degree of fidelity, or relevance.

In addition to the online search improvements that Microsoft will be rolling out very soon is integration with Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey). Personally, I think this was the one issue that most developers are interested. Using VS 2005, developers can perform a search that will automatically draw its results from many different sources simultaneously. This includes the locally installed MSDN Library, the online MSDN library, the new MSDN Forums and the ?CodeZone? (a collection of various programming sites ? such as 4GuysFromRolla, CodeProject and many more). The benefit is that instead of having to manually visit each one of these services/sites, you can now search from with your editor and let Visual Studio do all the work of compiling the complete result set!

You can install VS.NET Beta II if you need to try!!!!


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