Earthquake Magnitude 7.6 in Pakistan

Earthquake 2005 Magnitude 7.6     


I am in a shock.  A major earth quake of 7.6 hits the upper part of Pakistan on Saturday 8:52 AM morning.  It went for 2 minutes it was devastating and dangerous to see.  Initial reports suggested only few deaths but when the real news came that city of Muzafarbad Azad Kashmir was 50 to 60 destroyed and death toll reached upto 20000.  the worst of the area was the city of Mansehra and balakot.  Balakot is 90% destroyed and with most of the population effected by this.  Currently according to different sources the death toll is reached up to 30000 and it could reach upto 40000+.  The earthquake was devastating but real devastation was the aftermath of it which resulted in land sliding and roadblocks across the NWFP and remote areas.  People are living under open skies without any food or water. Dead bodies can still be seen under the rubble and people can see the voices.  Its 4th day after the quake but the real issue is that the aid hasn’t arrived yet at most part of the remote areas due to roadblocks caused by the land sliding.  People are waiting desperately for the aid and to get their loved ones to hospitals.  Another effect of the earthquake was due to land sliding on the mountains where our Pakistani army is position in Kashmir, it killed more than 250 army soldiers their and injured up to 500.  A building collapses in Islamabad and killing almost 100 people there more than 100 were saved and nearly 100 are still missing.  There is lot more……


Relief efforts are underway in most part of the country.  The people are collecting cloths, water, food, medicine and warm clothing’s and leaving for these areas.  My company INTECH Process Automation gave 150,000 Rs in donation itself.  And the employee contribute their 1 day salary with over 300,000 gave by employee other than 1 day salary.  Employees also contributed to the aid by giving dresses, sheets, water and food items.  My mother also gave a huge packet of sheets, dresses, warm suiting’s and misc, I am also collecting some of my dresses to be sent in next phase. 


Relief is coming but I would like to request every Pakistani all around the world to contribute in the relief effort by contributing food, water, clothing’s, tents, or money as they can.  These are their brother and sisters who are under huge amount of destruction and disturbance.



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