Microsoft Office Server 12 and Other Office Servers

A new generation of Microsoft Enterprise Project Management tools is in under development at Microsoft with new version of Microsoft office Code name Office12.  I will try that I could be part of the beta I release.  So during my RND I found some features of Microsoft Project Server 12.  These features are as follows


Microsoft Project Server + Windows SharePoint services + Content Management (Shared Services)

The next version of Project server will include features of Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies which means that project server is not only about windows SharePoint services.  Now it includes features of SharePoint services, SharePoint portal server and content management server, which will enhance to look and feel and will give a Professional experience across office servers some shared Services.  Project server has lots of new features but few are as follows.


  1. Project Server and WSS

Project Server is now build on WSS.  Project server is a WSS Top level web site.  It will have bunch of web parts that user can drag and drop at any page just like a normal WSS site.  Now Project server customization is very simple.

  1. Shared Setup and configuration

Project server and other office server use shared Setup and configuration which enables developing UI server and adding server to the server forms. Now it has single web based configuration site and selection based functionality across server form. 

  1. Authentication

Project Server and other Office server shared authentication specifically for Whidbey.  Currently supported authentication models are AD, ADFS, Form based authentication and SQL Server Authentication.

  1. Monitoring and Logging

Project server and other office servers will have new monitoring technology called USL (Unified Logging Across Servers) where it will easy to log whole server form.


It looks like the project server 12 will be THE future technology for the project management because of the functionality and features. The release date of Project Server 12 is linked to Office 12 release so let’s see when it came out.  The beta release is expected to come out in start of next year and full version will be release hopefully at the end of next year.  So looking toward future and Office 12


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