Features of Office12 (Code Name)

The new product of Microsoft office series is code named as Office12.  It has bunch of new features and changed UI.  For the next release Microsoft has worked hard on the customer and client’s feedback to come up with a right solution.  So I decided to share some features with you so here are they ….

Features of Office 12


  1. A whole new User Interface
  2. Newly developed Menu system
  3. Easy availability and search of application features
  4. The more you know more you can do in office
  5. New Toolbars called Ribbon
  6. Fluty, New Right Click Menu
  7. Easy Customization for toolbars
  8. Keyboard Accessibility
  9. Zoom In and Zoom out in Excel Sheet
  10. Increase in number of columns and rows of Excel sheet
  11. Runtime Table Design, and formatting
  12. Easy to do diagramming in PowerPoint
  13. Easy to Add animations in slides, easy to add sounds, runtime design and color scheme modes in PowerPoint
  14. New page layouts in work, excel, PowerPoint
  15. Spellchecker and proofing improvement
  16. Backward compatibility
  17. Easy to manage emails, contacts and attachments in outlook


These are only few which I remember until now.  I will be adding few more in coming days.  I am looking forward to get a Beta I of Office 12.  So let’s see when it came out.  Officially Office Beta I is going to release at the end of this year.

So looking forward


Hey if you guys wanted to see some Screen shots click here

And also http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/features/2005/sep05/09-13OfficeUI.mspx


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