Freequently Asked Questions About Vista

Because windows vista is new technology people tends to ask few very common questions about it.  I myself always looks for some quick answers so that I can be able to define these technologies in few lines.  So here is a list of FAQ’s about Windows Vista™.  I am mentioned few in my post here but all are available download link at the end of post.  Vista is next general of Operating system which has every thing for every one.  According to Microsoft there are three pillars of Windows Vista….

Windows Vista LogoConfidence: Vista will bring new level of Confidence to your system

Clear: Vista will enable you to easily organize your information

Connected: Vista will enable everyone to connect to any thing seamlessly

For more information visit Microsoft Vista Site

Q: What is WinFX?

A: Simply put, WinFX is broken down into two parts: Avalon (presentation) and Indigo (communication).

Q: What is AERO?

A: AERO, the code name for the user experience in Windows Vista, is a new design philosophy that delivers a compelling user experience from the moment users start interacting with the computer to the moment they leave. For developers, AERO provides a number of APIs that enable developers to extend their applications to integrate with this new design philosophy. Developers can manipulate the desktop window manager, window chrome, and UI controls. Additionally, AERO is exposed through themes, layouts, and styling as well as through the native Avalon controls. More Information

Q: What is Avalon?

A: With Avalon, Microsoft delivers an integrated platform for applications, documents, and graphics and media to the desktop ecosystem. Avalon provides new opportunities for developing exciting applications while reducing the complexity of building compelling user interfaces. Avalon offers creative, technical, and performance benefits, and simplifies designer-developer collaboration during prototyping and development. More Information

Q: What is Indigo?

A: Indigo, the code name for the next generation of Microsoft Web services technology, helps developers and organizations overcome the challenges of building connected applications, both within and beyond the enterprise. Indigo takes Web services to the next level by providing developers with a highly productive framework for building secure, reliable, and interoperable applications. The benefits of using the Indigo framework include: less complexity for developers, fewer components to be managed by IT professionals, reduced training for both, and significant cost savings for the organization. More Information

Q: What is Metro?

A: The Metro print path is the print path in the next client version of Microsoft® Windows®, codenamed "Longhorn," that supports the new Metro document format and the Avalon graphics engine. More Information

Q: Can I have Avalon and Indigo information for developers?

A: Sure, and there is a lot of information for developers on Indigo and Avalon


To Read a complete list of FAQ’s about Windows Vista.  Click here


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