Advances for developers using Windows Vista

Windows Vista™ is a next generation developer’s platform for software.  According to Microsoft it is a substantial advance in windows with significant innovations in the developer’s platform.  Its enables building application easier than before by providing a rich platform that uses information, systems, people and devices

There are three pillars or vista.  Confident, Secure and Clear,
Help people to gain full confidence on their operating system by making the OS safer, reliable and responsive.
Help people to gain clarity by removing clutter and improving organization
Providing more security and easy connectivity with more integrated collaboration

But there are eight primary areas of focus for windows vista and these are

  1. Create the experience

Providing rich client easy to use application that provide breakthrough user experience for the users

  1. Secure It

Providing a secure platform with features like CAS, Split security tokens and user account protections will enable developers to minimize the attack surface of their applications.

  1. Make it Reliable

Making application for IT and end users reliable enough to come out of unexpected on its own

  1. Get Connected

Easy to connect with peers and consuming data through new technology Windows Communication foundation (formerly known as Indigo).  Easy to develop and share data through web services

  1. Integrate Data

Providing rich integration features that make life easier to find and share data.  With new XML file format used in future of Office (Office12).  Exposed API for RSS for information sharing

  1. Be Discoverable

Providing enhanced find and search capabilities that will enable developers to add search and organize features to their applications.

  1. Make it Deployable

Application that will be Easy to install without any user interaction and providing same uninstall experience.

  1. Go Mobile

Providing rich features to support for detecting networks and power states with automatic synchronization application data and making use of Tablet PC’s, Pocket PCs and Auxiliary displays.
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