Passed Project 2002 Exam at Brain Bench

Today I passed brainbench free exam for ms project 2002 and got 3.2. I am very happy to get these marks without any preparation. I am now looking to get more into project professional 2003. The link to my transcript is given below. I am first in Pakistan and almost 25 in the world. Overall great achievement for me. Now I am thinking to try more BB Certifications. If you guys wanted to please click the link below

Free Brain Bench Certifications

Good Day!


Using Project Server WebParts in Project Server

Using Project server web parts in WSS

Today Atif gave a call that he wanted to use Microsoft Project server web parts on his WSS sites. So I just tuned up my mind to give him what he needs and finally I got the link from Microsoft to download and install your web parts on your server to use project server web parts. The link is given below.

Thanks to Atif