Visual Studio.Net 2005 Launch Show in Lahore, Pakistan

Visual Studio.Net 2005 Launch in Lahore

I am preparing my self to go at the VS.Net 2005 Launch show at Avari International Hotel Lahore. Microsoft has done great to show up here because a lot of people like us were looking towards Microsoft for the launch in Pakistan so that we can see the new things that came with the the original version. I am expecting a huge response from Lahore because the event was hugely anticipated by the developers.

I am attending MSDN event for VS.Net and Smart client and I will be blogging from the event as the day passes by. I will try to post them here on the evening. I also get information from Microsoft site that a lucky winner will also get X-Box 360 for free. That is a hell of a gift for attending this show.

So lets hope that the event goes well here in Lahore and we put some effort to show Microsoft that we will never be ignored again in any event in future.



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