Visual Studio Launch 2005 Highlights



Finally I attended the Visual Studio .Net Launch in Lahore.  It went great.  I will be posting the details of the sessions in my next blogs but here are the highlights.

1.       Huge Response from Pakistani Developers, Students and managers

2.       Over 500 People attended the Launch

3.       Chad a.k.a was the person in charge of the launch and Aseel from Dubai is the support person for Tech-Net

4.       Very good key note by country manager Microsoft Pakistan.

5.       First session was about the introduction to Visual Studio.Net and SQL Server 2005.

6.       A demo was given about creating stored procedures in VS.Net 2005.

7.       2nd session was about smart client. 

8.       Excellent demonstration was given for Click Once deployment. 

9.       Lunch was great and every one enjoyed that.

10.   Then CA gave their presentation which was not for that specific audience.

11.   Then prize distribution to few lucky person who get, hollow 2, Mouse, Keyboards.   And a lucky winner who got certificate to get Xbox 360.  (very lucky one)

12.   Launch ends


Overall the event goes very well and said to be successful.  These events and participation by IT people in Pakistan will increase the confidence of Microsoft to arrange more events in Pakistan in coming future.  One more thing according to Chad PDC 2006 will be in Pakistan in June 2006 with a new name like PAK DEV – or PK CON.  I will be posting each session details blog in few hours from now.  So stay tuned.

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