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Visual Studio .Net 2005 Launch



Finally Microsoft successfully completed the Launch event of Visual Studio .Net 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk Server 2005.  As I was in the launch I had decided that I will take the notes and blog about it because a large number of people had missed the so my blog can share some information.  For those who are interesting in just what happened during the event can see my blog “Highlights of Launch”.  I will try to cover as much as I can and all three session of the events.  So here is the detail.


Mainly there were four sessions in event. 

  • Launch Key Notes
  • SQL Server 2005 Introduction
  • Visual Studio.Net 2005 and SQL Server 2005
  • Building Smart Client Applications using Visual Studio.Net 2005


The Main person of the launch was Chad Z. a.k.a. Hower. You can find more information about him from here.  Microsoft Country manager for Pakistan was also there with other from Microsoft Pakistan.  And for SQL Server and TECH ED Aseel was also there for the demos about SQL Server and Visual 2005.


Launch Key Notes

The event was started with the recite of Holy Quran played in video.  Microsoft Country manager for Pakistan Mr. Jawad Rehman started the session keynotes and explained some of the fact and figures to the audience about the past, present and future of Microsoft technologies.  He has provided some very interesting figures about the present and future of Microsoft technologies.  He talked about the release of Windows 3.1 to windows 2000 and made a point that how Microsoft has improved since the world of DOS to windows Vista.  Some of the point that I was able to note are as follows


The is first ever launch of Visual Studio .Net 2005 and SQL Server 2005 in Pakistan

5 Million Beta Download worldwide

50 Large Companies using Visual Studio.Net 2005 still in Beta II

SQL Server is more than ORACLE and IBM DB 2

VS.Net 2005 and SQL Server 2005 is the number 1 tool for application and database development.

BizTalk Server 2005 is the best for Line of business applications and workflow

Best thing is these tools are integrated quite sound

50% increase in review when visual studio .Net 2005 and SQL Server are used for development

Microsoft has invested on vista more than US government spends on sending a person on the space.


Chad and Aseel takes over the session keynotes.  And started the first session about SQL Server 2005, the session was named,

SQL Server 2005 (Next Generation Database)

SQL server 2005 is a next generation of databases development platform that will help users and IT professional across your organization will benefit from reduced application will benefit from reduced application downtime, increased scalability and performance, and tight security controls.


Overall SQL Server 2005 includes enhancements to enterprise data management in the following areas.


Investment in high available technologies, Additional backup and restore and replication


Improved functionality in partitioning, snapshots isolation, and 64bit support


Security by default and new enhanced security model


New management tool suite, expanded self-tuning capabilities with enhanced programming model


Deep support for industry standards, WS and .Net framework and support for multiple platforms


Some very interesting facts and figures were shown which depicts that SQL Server 2005 is much better than other database management technologies.  During the sessions few movies were also shown to the audience which shows the use of SQL server and Visual Studio .Net 2005 in different places like Paris and Dubai Airport.


Demonstration was given on the management studio, how its looks and how it is integrated with Visual Studio.Net 2005.


After the tea break the session about Visual Studio Team services started and CHAD explains some of the problem faced by the different roles in software project development.


See my next blog for the remaining sessions


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