Visual Studio .Net Launch Blog 3

Visual Studio .Net Launch

My blog about the launch of Visual 2005, SQL Server 2005 and Biztalk Server 2005 continues.  I completed the first two sessions in my last blog so I am continue with the third one here.  This session was the mixture of SQL server and Visual studio .Net 2005.  Chad explained some basics of SQL server and Visual studio .Net 2005 and demo about programmability in SQL server 2005.  During this session some interesting video where shown these videos you can find some here. Audience really liked the video about Share Pain features of Microsoft.  Another very interesting point about the sessions is the WOO-HOO and BOO-HOO chants.  Chad asked everyone to say WOO-HOO when they got excided and BOO HOO when they are not so the session was full of fun and it helped people to be worked.  After some videos Aseel demonstrated how to create a stored procedure in Visual Studio.Net 2005 using Visual Basic.Net.  He also demonstrated how to create a stored procedure acting as a web service.  Then there was break for tea.


Visual Studio Team System

The third session was about Visual studio .Net team services.  Chad explained the idea behind Visual studio.Net team services. According to him the visual studio .Net team services offers tightly integrated and extensible lifecycle tools.  These tools enable software development teams to reduce the complexity of development and facilitate better communication and collaboration throughout the development process.  Visual studio .Net team system covers all the basic roles in software Development life cycle.  These roles includes


  • Project Managers
  • Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Testers
  • Infrastructure development


Using Visual studio Team System these roles can

Reduce the Complexity of delivering modern service oriented solutions

Facilitate Collaboration between software teams, speeding development time, and ensure predictability and reliability to Dev. Process.

Customize and Extend the software with internal tools and process frameworks.


It also includes guidelines for architecture and processes and build in solution accelerators that will help project teams to deliver Mission Critical Software solutions.  At the end and during the sessions Chad shows some demos of the Visual studio .Net class designer and using the work items in the development lifecycle of projects.  This comes to the end of this session next is about Smart Client Applications.

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