Visual Studio .Net Launch

Visual Studio .Net Launch

Smart Client Application using Windows Forms 2.0


This session was a bit quicker because time was short so Chad goes very fast.  He started by introducing the updates in Windows forms 2.0.  He told audience about the upgrade in Data Grid control which was a point of failure in Windows forms 1.1. He talked about Data binding in Windows forms and explained how easy is to use the typed and un-typed datasets.  Visual studio .Net 2005 includes a brand new Dataset designer that will help developers to easily and efficiently create Datasets which will remove the problems XML based datasets. He told audience about the updates in Visual designer for windows forms and about new windows controls like menus. 

The best thing of the day was the introduction and demonstration of the ClickOnce deployment.  ClickOnce deployment will help developers to easy deploy, manage and update their application using simple some design time clicks.  This will reduce the complexity of creating setups and patches.  Using click once the developer will simply points to the web server where the application will be saved for the deployment.  The user will be told to visit the site and install the application directly to their computers.  Another very important thing about click once application is the automatic update of the application, when an application is updated by the developer and published, when the application starts on the client computer it will automatically checks for any updates from the site.  If any update is available then it will ask the users to update.  This is really a cool feature. 

This comes to the end of this session.  Lunch was served and I must say it was really delicious.  After lunch we have to wait an hours before people from CA present their company to the audience.  According to Most of the guys there it was looking irrelevant because most of the guys there were developers and students but the presentation was targeted towards business man. 

At the end of CS presentation prize ceremony started and few guys got small prizes like Hallow, Mouse, Keyboards and one lucky winner got certificate to get Xbox 360.  That was the end.  Overall very good event and well done Microsoft.

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