View Populator Tools for Project Server

I recently had to publish 15 projects which were saved to project server.  First I thought to just open them one by one and publish them but an idea came to my mind to check for some tool provided by Microsoft.  So I found the tool.  It is very simple tool to publish projects which are not published.  It also provides functionality to check in the project so you don’t have to have admin rights to check in your project. The View Populator tool (View Populator.exe) allows you to publish projects without using Project Professional. The View Populator tool places XML files in your Project Server ViewDrop folder for each project that you publish. The Views Notification Service then publishes the information in the XML files to the view tables in the database.  As per my understanding this tools just moves data from MS Project server tables to MS View tables which are used in views.  But overall very handy tool, to download the tool click here

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