Build an OLAP Reporting App in ASP.NET using SQL Serv and Office WC


ound a great article about using building ASP.Net Web Application on OLAP Reporting tools.  Microsoft SQL Server Analysis services are used for reporting and analysis on data which does not have relatively defined relationships.  Microsoft Office Web Components that consists of Pivot Table and Chart Controls.  Developer s can use these controls in Their ASP.Net application using scripting.  If you are a developer and wanted to learn more you must read this article.  As Visual Studio .net 2005 already had VSTO (Visual Studio Tools for Office), you can explore more when developing application for reporting purpose.




Many organizations analyze their business-critical data using Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology. OLAP-based data mining provides a way to query multidimensional data sets and drill down into the data to find patterns. ASP.NET and the Microsoft Office Web Components (OWC) enable Web-based OLAP reporting. The OWC controls include PivotTable and Chart components that can be embedded in a Web page and scripted by programmers. In this article, the authors build a Web-based OLAP reporting app using ASP.NET, OWC, and SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services to illustrate the process.


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