MY “Yahoo”, “MSN” or “Google” Too

Few days back I saw on google “Customize You home page”.  I customize the page as per my need added email, few blog posts, sports, and other items on the page.  The only thing that feels hectic to me the old because Google page with Search text box and a Search button came but very slow.  I just love the way google used its simplicity to gather attention of the people.  I am also using gmail as my secondary contact and blog account from outlook which is really amazing and fast.  Even gmail’s web client is fast enough to be used even with low bandwidth.  Hey I am bit away from my real talk about google personalized page like yahoo.  I remember in past yahoo introduced a page my yahoo and Microsoft followed it by giving My MSN feature.  I don’t remember it was vice versa or just like that.  They also feels the same.  So just take a look at the google personalized page.  Below are mine pages at google, MSN and yahoo.  Take a look at all three in their look n feel and working. 



Take a look at all three personalized home pages.  They all feel same but have differences. 


Looks colorful and most like hotmail.  The best information available here is about business and weather.  Use classified adds in the center and provides up-to-date information.  Use Microsoft web part model to change the information from the page.  Page navigation is bit slower and dim.  The administration takes more time than expected using the SharePoint model.  I think MYMSN is replaced by the My Space feature provided by Microsoft. 

My Google

My Google is same as old with no colors and pictures.  Site navigation is fast administration is easy because it does not use web part features.  No classified adds.  The most boring thing about my google is less availability of information.  Only few channels are there for use.  You have to use Blog feeds to get some different information.

My Yahoo

My yahoo is not as colorful like MSN nor as simple as google but feels OK.  Yahoo is more concerned about the things about USA.  The few features are weather, Market shares, find friends, school in USA.  Administration is pretty slow because they use IBM personalization server. 


I know many of you will not agree with my points but the reason for me to write the blog is just to show my opinion.  IF any one of you is not agreed please feel free to comment.

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