Difference between Project Standard and Project Professional

People always ask me a question every time I start a training session for the Microsoft Project.  There are two version of Microsoft Project 2003.  One is Microsoft Project Standard 2003 and Microsoft Project Professional 2003.  The question is: What is the difference between Microsoft Project Standard and Microsoft project professional 2003?  The answer is quite simple.  In the begging I personally get confused on the issue but realized the beauty of both versions after a little RND.  So here is some information about both the versions.

Microsoft Project Standard 2003

Microsoft Project Standard 2003 is the basic desktop edition of Microsoft Project. It no longer connects in any way to Microsoft Project Server 2003 and strictly stands alone. Microsoft Project Standard consists of all the essential features for individual project management, including the following:

● Task scheduling

● Resource management

● Tracking

● Reporting

● Customization

Microsoft Project Professional 2003

Microsoft project professional 2003 has all the features of project standard but also includes the capabilities of team collaboration and provide web interface where team members and project managers can see their tasks assignments and project status.  Project professional 2003 is part of the Enterprise project management suit provided by Microsoft.  Project Professional provide the following features not available in project standards

  1. Team Collaboration using web based interface for team members and project managers to see and update their tasks and assignments. 
  2. Centralized standardization using enterprise global templates, Enterprise resource pool, Enterprise fields and outline codes.
  3. Availability and selection of resource from centralize resource pool, searching and selection of resources from the skills, language or any other attribute.
  4. High level overview of projects using enterprise analysis tools provided by project professional.



Project standard 2003 is a standalone desktop application that provides basic scheduling engine but project professional is a tools that adds more features to project scheduling and management by adding team collaboration and communication using emails and web based interface.  There may be a question in some one’s mind about the Web based interface.   This interface is called Project web access (PWA).  PWA is a web portal that is accessible through IE and provides and role based views and accessibility of project data.  These roles are defined in Microsoft Project Server 2003 which is part of the Microsoft EPM suit.  I will be posting more about project professional in coming days so stay tuned.  Any question or feedback is highly appreciated.



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One thought on “Difference between Project Standard and Project Professional

  1. Hi Jerry,

    I need to know if Microsoft Project can combines text or number or name in a single column. Meaning when we display to the right tab of the bar we could see more info rather than just a single info.



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