Project Server Installation – Continues

This is my 3rd time installation of project server 2007. I have to installing project server tomorrow in the VM but after installing project server my port 80 was used by SharePoint services and my SQL Server Reporting services got stopped. I noticed another thing that there is no Excluded path in the SharePoint services now. I am unable to find this option yet. The thing that is good for me that I always take a back up of the VM before applying anything on them. That is saving my time. I will not stop I will install project server today… Come on project server.. I wanted you run.


Project Server Installation

I have installed project server 2007 on the VM. But It looks like I am having some trouble creating Project web access site. As we know that project web access is like a normal SharePoint service site. Project server now has WSS and other components in box for installation. There is no need for setup configuration.


Do you speak Urdu, Arabic, or French?

CHAD: Regional .NET Developer Advisor is putting together a multilingual project. He will be targeting more language later, but initially he is  targeting English, Urdu, Arabic, and French. The primary languages of MEA. Later on we will be adding support for Turkish and others as well.

All content is available in English and most content is just a few sentences. If you can spare a few minutes and to translate small items from English into one of these languages, please me contact me.

There are some benefits of being part of this community.  You will learn about it very soon after joining this community.  Please note that the community will boost Microsoft to work actively in Pakistan more than before.  I have a chat with CHAD about the idea and will share with you in a day or two.  For any comments or suggestion please use add comments.  Do comment it is better for you!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to a energetic response. 


Project Server 2007 Deployment Guides

If you are already testing project server 2007 and going to install it, be aware that there are guidelines available to install project server 2007. Microsoft highly recommends reading these guidelines before installing the server.

These guidelines include Upgrading, Installing project server with or without WSS Version 3 and deployment and planning the deployment flowcharts.

Hope this will help