SharePoint Services Installation

I take a deep breath before I started to write this entry. I just wanted to thank Microsoft Office team in their impressive work in office 2007. I am really impressed with Word, excel 2007 and Project 2007. I am not yet been able to see SharePoint designer, visio and Project server and sure will do it this weekend. But I am here to talk about windows SharePoint services here. Windows SharePoint services set is pretty simple and straightforward. I guess Microsoft has chosen to perform the configuration for us this time for sharepoint administration. Here are the steps

Install Windows Server

Install SQL Server 2005

Install IIS with ASP.Net and remove enhanced security pack.

Run Setup.exe

Click Accept in end user license page.

Select Basic as windows installation choices (I am still not sure about the difference between Basic and Advance but sure will post about it soon).

Click Next

When the installation Ends Windows SharePoint configuration wizard checkbox will be selected. Click Finish.

Windows SharePoint Configuration wizard will start and complete its 10 different task in automated setup.

SharePoint Team Site will automatically be shown When SharePoint configuration wizards ends.

Welcome to SharePoint Version 3.0 Beta II.



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