Microsoft Office 2007 Feedback Smiley’s

As per JH more than 500,000 people had downloaded Microsoft office 2007 in just 3 days after the beta II launch. Microsoft has realized the fact that gathering feedback from office beta users will help a lot moving towards the final version of the software and it will help them fixing lot of open bugs inside office system. Taking this into consideration Microsoft has announces the Two smiley’s Send a Smile Tool. The tool will be installed on the machine and will have two smiley’s .

If you have some good words to say about Microsoft office you can use the GREEEN smiley.

If you are facing some problem or unable to find any option you can use smiley.

Smiley will use your email address during the installation and Microsoft may contact you to collect more information about the topic. The feedback will automatically collect the screen shot of your desktop. You can use this option to get the screenshot of the problem your are facing. This feedback will be collected by the Microsoft office team. You can download it from here.

According to harris

Send a Smile is the best way to send feedback about Office 2007. Believe it or not, your feedback goes directly to us on the product team—directly to the people responsible for making decisions about the product in every area. In some cases, if you choose to give us your e-mail address (which is optional) we might contact you to follow-up and get more information.

It’s important that we hear both what you like and what you don’t like. The constructive feedback is incredibly valuable, but I’ve also been involved in decisions in which we’ve said "no one has really said that they like this new thing, so we should take it out" only to discover that people really did like it once it was already gone. So anytime you have a thought about Office 2007, positive or negative, please let us know using Send a Smile. Thanks for helping us to make Office 2007 a better product.

Download the Send a Smile tool to start sending us Office 2007 Beta 2 feedback now.

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