Introduction to Windows SharePoint services 3.0

Right now I am working on Windows SharePoint services version 3.0 introduction presentation and a demo session for my clients at INTECH. I have studied the SharePoint version 3 SDK in details and also studied few other SharePoint version 3 evaluation guides. I have created the presentation slides on PowerPoint 2007 which looks absolutely great. I have used PDC 2005 presentation format to go with it. Right now I am thinking that I must pod cast this presentation. How I can pod cast this presentation is the question?

  1. I can create an audio file to record all the session using Mic and share it as some file share.
  2. Woo I can use Net support manager to create a AVI file with full Demo as training lecture. This is great.

I am planning this activity on this weekend. Let’s see whether I can take this opportunity or not. For now on I am sharing few slides here.



PDC 2006 Travel and Living

I will finalize the traveling and living reservation today COB. It’s a fact that planning for somewhere to go is not easy. When you have multiple thing in mind. I still have to finalize the leaves with my company but sure will get the chance to go there. My target is to stay at Hotel Sheraton in Karachi. Let’s see what is finalized today.


SharePoint 2007 Workflow SDK

Few days back I was looking for some guide on how to create custom workflow applications using SharePoint workflow integration with Visual Studio .Net 2005. Although I got few links about the topic but also hear about the SharePoint Workflow SDK that will be available soon. Project server 2007 has a new feature that is called Proposals. This feature uses Windows SharePoint services workflow feature for Review and approval (Not sure yet). This SDK is available here

Another Good news Developers introductions to Windows SharePoint services workflow feature is also available