Introduction to Windows SharePoint services 3.0

Right now I am working on Windows SharePoint services version 3.0 introduction presentation and a demo session for my clients at INTECH. I have studied the SharePoint version 3 SDK in details and also studied few other SharePoint version 3 evaluation guides. I have created the presentation slides on PowerPoint 2007 which looks absolutely great. I have used PDC 2005 presentation format to go with it. Right now I am thinking that I must pod cast this presentation. How I can pod cast this presentation is the question?

  1. I can create an audio file to record all the session using Mic and share it as some file share.
  2. Woo I can use Net support manager to create a AVI file with full Demo as training lecture. This is great.

I am planning this activity on this weekend. Let’s see whether I can take this opportunity or not. For now on I am sharing few slides here.



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