FIFA World Cup 2006 – Opening Ceremony

FIFA World cup 2006 is going to start Today. The first encounter is between the hosts Germany and Costa Rica. The match will be kicked off at 9:00 PM here in Pakistan. The opening ceremony is in progress right now. Hundreds of young ones from Germany are dancing in the football ground to celebrate the 18th event. FIFA World Cup 2006 is the biggest event of the year. The ground is filled with colorful dresses and red carpet is placed in the field. Few minutes back a big cloth for the welcome was shown and right now they are drumming some boxes all together which are giving heavy sound.

Next is the famous Berlin band the “Seem” are in action. The modern hip hop dance is in progress. Thousands of people are in the stadium watching this beautiful event. That’s lovely. These guys put their heads on the gound and round in circles to finish off this session.

60000 people are in the stadium to vow for the motto “Its time to make friends”.

Its looks like a Chinese of Japanese sessions is in progress. The ladies in the sessions are wearing beautiful dresses showing different culture .

Wao .. PELE is taking the Football world cup to the center of the field and showing it to the stadium. What a player he was.

The first team that came out is 1966 world cup winner the old greats. Sir bobby Charlton etc.

The second team is france the winners of 1998 world cups. Desie , Leblanc

The third team is Uruguay “Gijieya“ 90 years of age. Uraguay won in 1930.

The fourth team is Argentina. Maradona etc.

Fifth team is Italy 1934 and 1938 winner.

6th is Germany the three times winner. 1954, 1960 and 1990.

7th is Brazil 1958 to 2002. 5 times winner.

President of FIFA backimba are coming out to officially open the FIFA world cup.

President of Germany is now on the mic saying few words to the audience. All his speech is in germen. I am so pleased to see that. People are cheering I don’t know what is he saying.

The ceremony is now open and FIFA 2006 Sound track is now in progress. What a song. Very lovely, the flags of all the courtiers are in the field and they are singing the song and dancing. FIFA 2006 Flag is waving all around.

There is now an announcement that the match will start after an hour.

The idea to blog about the world cup came to my mind coming back home from office. I think it a great time to blog about the cup and record what is happening.

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