SharePoint Products and Technologies Frequently Asked Questions

What is SharePoint Portal Server 2003?


SharePoint Portal Server 2003 is the scalable portal server that connects people, teams, and knowledge across business processes.

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 integrates information from various systems into one secure solution through single sign-on and enterprise application integration capabilities. It provides flexible deployment and management tools, and facilitates end-to-end collaboration through data aggregation, organization, and searching. SharePoint Portal Server 2003 also enables users to quickly find relevant information through customization and personalization of portal content and layout as well as through audience targeting. Audience targeting aims information and updates to individuals based on their organizational role, team membership, interest, security group, or any other membership criteria that can be defined using notifications or Web Parts.


What is Windows SharePoint Services? Is it part of SharePoint Portal Server 2003?


Windows SharePoint Services is the engine that allows you to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration. A key piece of the information worker infrastructure delivered in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services provides additional functionality to the Microsoft Office System and other desktop applications, as well as serving as a platform for application development.

SharePoint sites provide communities for team collaboration, enabling users to work together on documents, tasks, and projects. The environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration, and application development. For more information, read the Windows SharePoint Services Integration with Microsoft Office white paper.


What is the relationship between SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services?


Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies (including SharePoint Portal Server 2003 and Windows SharePoint Services) deliver highly scalable collaboration solutions with flexible deployment and management tools. Windows SharePoint Services provides sites for team collaboration, while SharePoint Portal Server 2003 connects these sites, people, and business processes—facilitating knowledge sharing and smart organizations.

SharePoint Portal Server 2003 also extends the capabilities of Windows SharePoint Services by providing organizational and management tools for SharePoint sites, and by enabling teams to publish information to the entire organization. For more information about the relationship between SharePoint Portal Server and Windows SharePoint Services, visit the Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server 2003 page.


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