Configure the farm services Start the Project Application and Web Application Services

Run post-setup configuration to configure the farm

Post-setup configuration allows you to create the configuration database as well as specify whether you are creating a new server farm or joining an existing one.

  • The Welcome to SharePoint Products and Technologies page lists information that is required from you during configuration, including:
  • Name of the database server and database where the server farm configuration data will be stored. Only the database server name is required if you plan to use an existing database for a Office Project Server 2007 Beta 2 farm.
  • User name and password for the database access account that will administer the server farm.

Please have this information available during post-setup configuration.

Click Next.

  • A message alerts you that specified services might need to be restarted or reset during the installation. Click Yes.
  • On the Connect to a Server Farm page, select No, I want to create a new server farm. Click Next.
  • On the Specify Configuration Database Settings page, use the information you gathered earlier to specify the name of the computer running SQL Server and the name of the configuration database, and to specify a Windows account that the computer will use to connect to the configuration database.
  • In the Database server box, type the name of the computer running SQL Server on which the database will be created.
  • In the Database name box, type the name that you want to give the configuration database. The default entry is SharePoint_Config.
  • In the Specify Database Access Account section, in the Username box, type the name of the Windows account you want to use to access the configuration database. This account must have access to the computer running SQL Server to create the configuration database and must be a member of the Power Users group on that computer.
  • In the Password box, type the password for this account.
  • Click Next.
  • On the Configure SharePoint Central Administration Web Application page, in the Configure Security Settings section, select either Negotiate (Kerberos) or NTLM, depending on your network configuration. If you are uncertain, contact your network administrator. Click Next.
  • On the Completing the SharePoint Products and Technologies Configuration Wizard page, verify that configuration settings information is correct. Click Next.
  • When configuration is finished, the Configuration Successful page displays the configuration settings. Click Finish. This will automatically start up the Central Administration page.
  • Next : Configure the Farm Services


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