Project Server Installation

Install Office Project Server 2007 to the farm

This final procedure allows you to create the Project Web Access instance on the farm. During this process, you are able to specify the Project Server Administrator account, point to the database server that will be used to host the Office Project Server 2007 databases, and name the Office Project Server 2007 databases

  • On the Manage this Farm’s Shared Services page, in the SSP Name list, click the shared service you just created listed under SSP Name.
  • On the home page for this core service, in the Project Server section, click Project Web Access Sites.
  • On the Manage Project Web Access page, click Create PWA Site.
  • On the Create a New Project Web Access page, do the following:
  • In the Project Web Access Site Location section, from the SharePoint Web Application to host PWA list, select the name of the extended Web site. Do not select the unextended Web site being used for the Shared Service Provider.
  • In the PWA path box, the default name of the Project Web Access path appears (Project Server). You can type a different name if you want.
  • In the Administrator Account section, type the Windows user account that will be given administrative credentials to the Project Server instance.
  • In the Primary and Reporting Database sections, do the following:

In the Primary Database Server field, type the name of the computer running SQL Server on which the Published, Draft, and Archive databases will be located.

In the four Database Name fields, enter unique names for each of the four Office Project Server 2007 databases.

 Note   You can use the default database names. However, make sure they do not already exist on the SQL Server.

In the Reporting Store field, type the name of the computer running SQL Server on which the Reporting database will be located. By default, it will list the same computer as the primary database server.

  • Click OK. The provisioning process starts.
  • You will return to the Manage Project Web Access page. Click the Refresh Status button to update the status of the provisioning process. When provisioning is complete, an entry in the Status column will display Provisioned. When completed, you can click the URL to go to the Project Web Access site.

 Note    Provisioning is an asynchronous process, so it might take a few minutes before the job is complet.

If you see the status Provisioned then you can close the page and access project web access using



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