Microsoft Pakistan Developers Conference

This is 2:00 PM here in Pearl continental hotel in Karachi where PDC 2006 is under action. I have already attended a session on Smart Clients as per my schedule and right now going for VSTO 2005. As I decided to take notes and blog about the entry I will be doing this regularly during conference hours or in evening. So here are some details

I reached PC at 8:45 PM and reached at the registration hall. I have to Pick up my PDC Id Card and some gadgets. The bad thing that the process was not well organized and clear. There were not instructions on how to easily register for the course but some volunteers were there to help guys finding their registration ID’s. Very interesting thing is that I forgot my ID which was 0030. I opened my notebook and read the email from PDC secretariat. Finally I got all the things I need to enter into the arena. The few things that found were

1. A PDC Bag (A new one with PDC 2006 written on TOP)

2. A Microsoft pencil

3. PDC Session details

4. Some brochures of Microsoft products

Keynotes started 30 minutes late which was annoying. I think we will not start a single sessions on time just because of latency in the opening keynotes. I think this was because of few VIP who were not on time. Here are few points from the opening keynotes.

  1. PDC 2006 MOTO is "Connecting People"
  2. Around 10% people are those who attended all the PDC sessions
  3. Around 70% people are attending it for the first time
  4. Around 20% people were there for 2nd straight time
  5. More than 2000 Plus people are expected at the PDC 2006.
  6. According to Microsoft Country manager Microsoft has spend 25 Billion Dollars in RND.

MEAE directory from turkey also addressed the attendees and told them their vision of Microsoft for Pakistan and Middle east Asian countries.

More on PDC very soon


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