What a Good SharePoint Consultant Should Know!

I was looking for some article on what a good SharePoint consultant should know about SharePoint and find some site with question posted. I decided to write their answers and posted them on my blogs. So you can find it there. Please do post your comments as the below answers represents my knowledge and could be wrong.

Everyone who knows SharePoint

  • what is the difference between a document library and a form library?
  • Document library stored office documents like word, excel and power point etc, but form library stores InfoPath forms that can be used for integration with any LOB applications.
  • what is a web part zone?
    • Web part zone is a logical distribution of a SharePoint page. A web part zone can contains multiple web parts.
  • how is security managed in SharePoint?
    • We can use Active directory for user management, and SharePoint uses groups to manage security roles These roles are
    • Administrator
    • Reader
    • Only reads the data on any site
  • Web Designer
    • Can change site or lists
  • Contributor
    • Add items to lists and site.
  • how are web parts developed?
    • We can use VS.Net 2003 or 2005 to develop web parts. We implement system.Web.UI.Controls.WebParts.WebPart to create a webpart.
  • What is a site definition?
    • A collection of XML Files that make SharePoint site.
  • What is a template?
    • A predefined or customized item in SharePoint that is exported as template to be reused on any SharePoint site.
  • How do you install web parts?
    • Put the DLL into GAC or Bin Directory in Inept\WWWRoot\Bin
    • Make Safe control entry into Web.config
    • Import the web part using add web part page in SharePoint site.


    • Use SharePoint admin tool stsadm to install it if your webpart is inside a Cab file.

  • What is the difference between a site and a web?
    • Site is an independent site.
    • A web contains a collection of site and items in the site.
  • What are the differences between web part page gallery, site gallery, virtual server gallery and online gallery?
  • http://msd2d.com/Content/Tip_viewitem_03NoAuth.aspx?section=Sharepoint&id=52204AA4-E9D7-40D1-8F08-E486808DDCE2

    • What is the GAC?
    • When code developed on Microsoft’s CLR platform needs to be shared by several applications across the computer, it can be placed in a machine-wide cache called the global assembly cache. Assemblies residing in the GAC must adhere to a specific versioning scheme which allows for side-by-side execution of different code versions.
  • what is a DWP?
    • The .dwp file is an XML document that captures a snapshot of the property settings for a Web Part and a reference to the assembly and class used to create it. The class is simply the ASP.NET Server Control that makes up the Web Part. dwp files are XML files that contain metadata about a Web Part. The .dwp file is used to import the Web Part so that it can be placed within a Web Part zone. It should be noted that if any changes are made to the .dwp file after the Web Part is imported, then the Web Part will have to be reimported to incorporate the changes.
  • what is CAML?
  • what are themes?
  • what is presence?
    • The availability of resources on the sharepoint site using either mobile devices or MSN or any other collaboration tool. We can use Live Communication server to support presence in Sharepoint environment.
  • can web parts be connected? if so, how?
    • Yes, we can connect web parts by implementing few interfaces provided by sharepoint object model, e.g. Irowprovider, IrowConsumer etc. we can use VS.Net or Frontpage to connect web parts.
  • what is a personal view and what is a shared view?
    • Personal view can be customized for any user but shared view is same for all users on any SharePoint site.
  • what is an STP file?
    • SharePoint Template file for any site or list etc.
  • what is an FWP file?
  • can you upload MP3’s to SharePoint?
    • Yes, but we need to enable the upload extension file in the configuration file on the server
  • how does SharePoint support MS Outlook integration?
    • Outlook can be support tasks, calendars, meetings, notes, etc.
  • how can you extend lists in SharePoint?
    • Create Custom Lists, add columns to the lists, groupings, filtering etc.
  • explain the document versioning in SharePoint document libraries
    • we can enable or disable versioning in SharePoint by going into general settings. Document library automatically saves the version history whenever a document is changed.


    Senior SharePoint Consultant

    • where are web part resources contained?
    • what are the different installation methods for deploying web parts? and what are the pros/cons?
    • You can use Setup
    • You can use Cab files
    • Custom Deployment
  • what is a ghosted/unghosted page?
  • how is site data stored?
  • where is metadata for a web stored?
    • Meta Data is stored inside XML files on the server or SQL Server database
  • what is an audience and describe the use?
    • Audience is group of people who are identified by a set of properties. Audience is features that is used to distribute content to specific people. We can create audience in sps based on the user properties in Active directory e.g. Department, Designations etc. We can also create custom properties from sharepoint portal.
  • what are the trust levels and what is the default trust associated with SharePoint?
    • There are 3 levels of trust 1. Is WSS_FULL, 2nd is WSS_Medium 3rd is WSS_MINIMUM, WSS_MEDIUM in set by default.
  • what are the two logging mechanisms for usage statistics?
  • what functionality does owssup.dll provide for client side activities?
  • what is the difference between a site owner and a site administrator?
    • Site Owner is a user that has full access rights on a particular site that is a subsite of another site. An administrator is a persons who is administrator on the server.
  • what is STSAdm and what can it be used for?
    • It is the SharePoint administrator utility used to create/manage sites, lists, webparts etc.
  • can WSS search subsites?
    • No it only use current site.
  • can you register alerts for users?
    • Not by default. You can create custom web parts to get this functionality.
  • are PDFs searchable?
    • Yes but not by default. You can use IFILTER type functionality to do this.

    SharePoint Architect

    • what is a SharePoint farm?
    • SharePoint farm is a deployment scenario in which we can have more than 1 server to host SharePoint. There are three types of server farms,
    • Small Server Farm
    • 1 SharePoint Server 1 SQL Server
  • Medium Server Farm
    • 1 SharePoint server 1 SQL Server 1 Search Server
  • Large Farm
    • 2 Sharepoint server 2 SQL Server 1 Search Server 1 Clustering Server

    Few other server forms are minimum large farm, Medium Large and Maximu Large farm,

    • describe a large deployment
      • 2 Sharepoint server 2 SQL Server 1 Search Server 1 Clustering Server
    • how can you synchronize custom Active Directory attributes to SharePoint?
      • We can use users and profiles options in administartion pages and connection to custom properties in AD to SharePoint
    • if it is anticipated that our organization would need to store 1 terrabyte of documents, what is the recommended configuration and storage requirement?
        • 2 Front end web server with Sharepoint
        • 4 SQL Server with 400 GB hard drives
        • 2 Search Server
        • 2 Clustering Server
        • 2 Shared Services provider
      • describe the implementation of SharePoint and Project Server
        • we can use Project server web parts inside SharePoint portal server and also create dashboards on SharePoint pages and can also create custom webparts using PDC and .Net.

        The Questions Below Required a Deep down search. I am searching their answers and post about them soon

        • what are the BKMs for workflow and SharePoint?
        • explain how you would deploy SharePoint on an extranet
        • what is the BKM for maximum number of virtual servers configured for SharePoint on a single box?
        • what are the migration strategies for moving sites around?
        • what are the archiving strategies?
        • describe the search strategies
        • can you implement forms-based authentication with SharePoint?
        • describe how single sign-on works

        Looking forward,


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