SharePoint Services and Portal Server Training

Few days back I met a bunch of guys who decided to work on SharePoint on development of their final projects in their universities. They somehow got information about me working on SharePoint. Although I do not provide trainings but I decided to do it this time. This training consists of seven lectures of around 2 hours and more. Below is the list of sessions that I will be presenting to them.

  • Introduction to Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies
  • SharePoint Services Introduction
  • SharePoint Object Model for Developers
  • SharePoint User Experience
  • SharePoint Point Portal Server
  • SharePoint Portal Server Object Model
  • SharePoint Services VS SharePoint Portal Server
  • SharePoint Object Model Drill Down

Last night we had gone past the first lecture and talked about the project they will be working. According to them their idea is to develop application like SharePoint Explorer using Visual Studio .Net 2005 and SharePoint Services 2003. They are also thinking of developing application for SharePoint Version 3.

I am also in process of negotiations with eVentureSolutions at Operation Badar; on SharePoint training and we will have an initial session on SharePoint Services and Portal Server 2003.

SharePoint Services Quiz

Are you already an expert at Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services? Do you know how to customize your site and use the Microsoft Office 2003 programs to work with it? Have you made Web Parts that are powerful enough to alter the orbits of distant planets? Answer these 10 short questions and find out for sure. You never know … you might just learn a thing or two along the way.

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