Knowledge Network for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Knowledge Network for Office SharePoint Server 2007 is powerful, easy to use software that helps people make better decisions more quickly. It automates the discovery and sharing of undocumented knowledge and relationships, enabling you to quickly locate who knows whom and who knows what within your constantly changing organization.

Knowledge Network will make your organization more effective by providing one of the quickest ways to connect with people who can successfully impact your business.

Make Better Decisions Quickly

Knowledge Network is a valuable add-on to Office SharePoint Server 2007 enhancing enterprise search for people by automating the discovery of the business relationships and subject matter expertise of everyone in the network providing vital business insights enabling users to make better decisions more quickly.

• Discover who knows what and who knows whom within an organization. Quickly and easily locate people by subject expertise or social relationships with key contacts or companies.

• Simplify creating automated user profiles for each member of the network. Knowledge Network automates the discovery and sharing of undocumented knowledge and relationships for each member in the network. The user-customizable automated profile is secure and requires member approval before it is shared.

• Effectively search and pinpoint individuals. Knowledge Network provides the ability to connect with internal and external contacts, and calculates the shortest social distance between any two people in the network.

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Windows SharePoint Services Organizational Issues White Paper


Supporting collaboration solutions is as much or more about supporting human activity or behavior – people working together – than it is about technology. Organizations deploying Windows SharePoint Services solutions need to ensure that the solution fits within the corporate culture. Many organizations are deploying collaborative solutions to save on operating costs, make people more productive, and foster new ideas and innovation. IT organizations responsible for WSS deployments have an opportunity to support and enable business transformation by understanding how their organization works today and using this understanding to successfully plan and implement a solution that truly drives business value.


This paper is designed to help guide project teams responsible for deploying WSS (usually part of the IT organization) through some recommended solutions for the organizational and cultural challenges associated with deployments of collaboration solutions based on Windows SharePoint Services (and also, SharePoint Portal Server).

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Lecture 5 : SharePoint object Model and Web Services Drill down

In this lecture I have discussed the Object Model and Web Services in Details. The namespaces in SharePoint services, how use the objects, collections and indexers in SharePoint. What kind of Web services are available and How to access these web services. I also Developed a small application for administration of SharePoint. You can download the sessions from below.


Lecture slides

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Lecture 4 – Working With SharePoint Central Administration

As I have already mentioned that I am posting the audio sessions for the trainings I am conducting on SharePoint services 2003. This is was our 4th lecture in which we discuses all the administration options available in Windows SharePoint services Central Administration. I checked each and every option one by one and explained why and how we can configure it.

If you want to use these sessions to study I will advise you to open the SharePoint central administration in front of you and follow the lecture. I think it will help you increase your knowledge about the administration.

This lecture contains two parts and you can downloaded it using the links below

I wish that you guys provide me feedback on this. Please do provide feedback so that I can improve.

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