See New SharePoint 2007 Features Without Installing Any Server Software

Few Days back Microsoft announced the online testing of Microsoft Office 2007 Beta II on Virtual environment. The only thing that was missing that there was no servers in that. Here iOra represents SharePoing server 2007 in VM environment.

Do you need to understand the new features in SharePoint 2007? If you do then you will want to see them in action to appreciate their potential value to your organization.

There are several completely new features in SharePoint 2007 that will deliver significant value to your business:

  • New user interface: Combines and simplifies SPS and WSS
  • Workflow: Automate business processes
  • Records management: Control retention of key documents
  • Enhanced search: Make finding information easier
  • Advanced web parts: Create rich interfaces with no coding
  • Business data catalog: Integrate line of business applications
  • And much more: Excel Services, InfoPath forms, recycle bin, blogs, wikis, RSS, …

To explore SharePoint 2007 you can signup for Microsoft’s beta program, which will require you to download and configure the server side software with sample content. An alternative is to download a pre-built offline SharePoint portal with samples of all the new features that can be installed on your desktop.

Only the most advanced offline products offer exactly the same browser interface offline as online and support the new features in SharePoint 2007. One such product comes from iOra, who provide enterprise replication software. They have produced a fully configured demo of SharePoint 2007 which is now freely available.

You don’t have to install any SharePoint software or any other server components to use the fully functional demo. All you are installing is the lightweight iOra client software and the compressed portal content packaged together as an executable file that can be installed in less than 10 minutes. Click here to download the demo with instructions for running on your PC.

VIA MSD2D.Com Newsletter



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