Personalization VS Customization

Just refreshing the idea of Personalization and Customization

Personalization is a process where a user create a new view for any web part on his personal View.

Customization is a process where a user change a Shared view of the page by using the appropriate permissions.

The default page is Shared view which can be changed by editing the page property DefultViewPersonal on the aspx page code.


Types of Web Parts

Just wanting to refer here that there are two types of web parts

  1. Static web parts

Static web parts are placed outside the Web part zone on the web part zone and the user can be change it behaviors and properties on the browser. Static web part properties are stored within the aspx page and will not saved to content Database.

  1. Dynamic web parts

Dynamic web parts are placed in web part zone and all its properties are stored within the content Database. A user can change its behavior and properties and the changes will be saved to Content Database. Dynamic web parts can also be connected to other web parts on the site or page.

Resource Files for SharePoint Web Parts

If we have a web parts that stores Resources like language files or images in its RESX files we can save these files to the virtual server where we need to install the Web part in two ways;

  • If the DLL is placed in \inetput\wwwroot\Bin then and place the Resource files in Virtual Server \inetput\wwwroot\wpresources directory.
  • If the DLL is placed in the GAC. Then the Resource files must be places in <local drive>C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\wpresources directory.

Leaving INTECH & Joining Xavor from September 1st 2006

Believe me or not I am going to join XAVOR as a Mixture of SharePoint Consultant and SharePoint Developer. I remember my Final project days at UMT in 2002 when I went to Xavor to talk to one of the Sr. PM there about the project. I don’t know why I never thought about joining the company at that time. This was because of my intentions to finish the project which I finally did in January 2003 and got Job at ISA soon after that. The other important thing about this job for me is that I never applied for this job. One of my eWorx colleagues Wajhi who is SSE there forwarded the CV. I got a mixture of technical and non technical interview with three guys few days back. They offer me the position which I accepted finally and sign the papers. I would like to thank those people who helped me to find a career in Collaboration technologies e.g. EPM and SharePoint. I worked as EPM guy for an year now but things are starting to change. I am going to back to my favorite topic which I never stopped working even working on EPM stuff.

This job is also the result of my MOM’s prayers and efforts. She always worked hard on me and guided me to be on the right track. And I will always love and respect her. Thanks to my wife who inspired me and never felt bored talking to me about SharePoint Stuff which she never understand (She is not IT only know Email and MSN).

This is not the end. I think I have destiny to grow and will grow as day progresses. I will need more hard work and vision to go through the next phase which is moving towards working as Sr. Consultancy on SharePoint and EPM technologies.

Last but not least I thank myself to never stop dreaming about the SharePoint Job and always look for things and material to read about SharePoint.

The company I am leaving is

The company I am joining is