Few Project and Project Server Bloggers

Here is a list of Project and Project server Bloggers in my Outlook blogs.

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Posting using Microsoft Windows Live Writer

From last two weeks I have not been able to write any thing about any thing.  This is because I was taking few days off from my notebook to get ready for the next Challenge now I will have while working at XAVOR.  As I have told you that XAVOR is a software development company in Lahore which is based on USA.  4 years back when I was near to finish my Post graduation I had a deep desire of working there but failed because at that time the company was GOING DOWN Due to 9/11 because it was end of 2002.  But any way let see what happened.  Today is my last day at home.  I will be going to new office from tomorrow morning.  I am praying and hoping that I will be playing a vital role in the development and betterment of XAVOR more than before.

One more thing.  I am not using Microsoft Work for this blog.  I am using Windows Live Writer.  Here are few screen shots of new Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Writer and JERRY.



Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate Available for Download

Right now I am downloading the Release candidate of the IE 7 Beta. Two weeks back I installed IE 7 Beta III as update which are running fine. So I visit the IE site to just to see about the IE 7 features and found out that IE 7 Release candidate is available for download. See details below

Download it Here!


Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Release Candidate 1 (RC1) has been designed to make everyday tasks easier, provide dynamic security protection and improve the development platform and manageability. End user improvements include a streamlined interface, tabbed browsing, printing advances, improved search functionality, instant feeds (RSS), dynamic security protection, and more



Min Requirements


Computer with a 233MHz processor or higher (Pentium processor recommended)

Operating System

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)Windows XP Professional x64 EditionWindows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1)


For Internet Explorer 7 RC1:Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2),Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, andWindows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1):64 MB of RAM minimumFull install size: 12 MB


CD-ROM drive (if installation is done from a CD-ROM)


Super VGA (800 x 600) or higher-resolution monitor with 256 colors


Modem or Internet connection; Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse, or compatible pointing device


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 What’s New

 The Internet Explorer 7 RC1 build includes improvements in performance, stability, security, and application compatibility. With this build, Microsoft has also made enhancements to the fit and finish of the user interface, completed CSS platform changes, added language support, and included an auto-uninstall feature in Setup, which automatically uninstalls prior betas of Internet Explorer 7, making installing the new build even easier.




VIA Jacky: You can ADO.NET 3.0 CTP from here.

  • The ADO.NET Entity Framework, which includes:
  • The Entity Data Model (EDM), which allows developers to model data at a higher level of abstraction
  • A powerful client-views/mapping engine to map to and from store schemas
  • Full query support over EDM schemas using Entity SQL and LINQ
  • An object services layer that allows you to choose to present query results as rows and columns or as objects. When using .NET objects, the system will transparently do identity resolution, change tracking and update processing for you.
  • An open provider model that allows other stores to plug into the ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Language-Integrated Query (LINQ) integration in ADO.NET for this CTP includes:
    • LINQ to Entities: formulate queries using LINQ against your EDM schemas
    • LINQ to DataSet: the DataSet finally gets full query capabilities! You can formulate LINQ queries that go against one or more DataTable objects. The LINQ to DataSet implementation will even optimize certain query patterns for better execution performance.
  • Tools
    • We’re working hard to include a rich set of tools that integrate naturally with the runtime components to provide a great end-to-end experience. Some early tools are included in this CTP, and more will come soon!