Refresher: Goals of SharePoint Products and Technologies

As I had mentioned in previous blogs that I will write a series of blogs as REFERESHERS about SharePoint Products and technologies. Here is another one.

The overall design goal for SharePoint Products and Technologies was to unify and integrate Windows SharePoint Services as a technology platform on which to build products such as SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This goal of unification and integration

was divided into four areas:

  • Consistent SharePoint Products and Technologies experience for users, developers, and IT professionals

Usage of IE and Office technologies for users, use of ASP.Net, SQL Server and Visual studio .net for developers and use of Windows Server 2003 networking technologies for Network administrators for SharePoint Management.

  • Consistency and integration with the .NET Framework

Usage of .Net framework as Object Model and Web services. Easy development, testing and Deployment of .Net applications.

  • Integrated storage strategy

Usage of SQL Server, SQL Search and Indexing, Backup and Restoration

  • Trustworthy Computing Initiative: security and reliability

Well testing and implemented before production. Result of the updates to the previous releases. Use of .Net framework to develop, testing and implement these technologies.


I hope you will like this idea please feel free to comment.


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It’s been few days since I blog because I was busy in reading some stuff on SharePoint which I will post later. But a comment on the blogs has really given me an idea to share few things about SharePoint. The idea is REFRESHER. It will contain small blog posts which will contains small tips on SharePoint. The things we normally ignore to do in our day to day work. Another thing that I did during last weekend was the burning of almost 50 GBs of Data to DVD’s. All the data was collected during my time at eWorx and INTECH. I am noting the data here for reference if someone needed the data he can email me so we can talk about how to share the data.

Sr. No


Size (Aprox – GBs)


EPM Deployment Kit 2001        



EPM Planning Kit 2003



EPM Training Kit 2003



Professional Developer Conference 2005 LA PDC Sessions (Downloaded)



SharePoint Conference 2003


6 2005, Office 12, Vista Sessions of Channel9



ASP.Net Training


.Net 2.0 DVDs

2 2003 DVD


MSDN 2003


My Personal Documents


Total Size

47.5 GB


I also have few other downloads that I will be writing to DVDs. Its almost 10 GB of sessions of MIX 2006. Office Developer Conference 2006 sessions are in my download lists right now.

I think I have too much stuff to see, study and absorb. I am ready for it. I will be two weeks off between my job change which I could use for

1. Study and watching these sessions

2. Moving out with wife on tour to Kaghan, Naran.

I don’t know what I will do but I will finalize it in next two weeks.