Refresher: Goals of SharePoint Products and Technologies

As I had mentioned in previous blogs that I will write a series of blogs as REFERESHERS about SharePoint Products and technologies. Here is another one.

The overall design goal for SharePoint Products and Technologies was to unify and integrate Windows SharePoint Services as a technology platform on which to build products such as SharePoint Portal Server 2003. This goal of unification and integration

was divided into four areas:

  • Consistent SharePoint Products and Technologies experience for users, developers, and IT professionals

Usage of IE and Office technologies for users, use of ASP.Net, SQL Server and Visual studio .net for developers and use of Windows Server 2003 networking technologies for Network administrators for SharePoint Management.

  • Consistency and integration with the .NET Framework

Usage of .Net framework as Object Model and Web services. Easy development, testing and Deployment of .Net applications.

  • Integrated storage strategy

Usage of SQL Server, SQL Search and Indexing, Backup and Restoration

  • Trustworthy Computing Initiative: security and reliability

Well testing and implemented before production. Result of the updates to the previous releases. Use of .Net framework to develop, testing and implement these technologies.


I hope you will like this idea please feel free to comment.


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