Refresher: Installing and Configuring Windows SharePoint Services

Here a quick refresher about installation and configuration of Windows SharePoint services. To install windows SharePoint services the preparation of server required

  • Windows Server 2003 Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • IIS with ASP.Net and without Front page server extensions
  • SQL Server 2000 with Service pack 3 or later

Prepare the server by installing the software listed above and then follows these steps

Install Windows SharePoint Services

Install Windows SharePoint services without MSDE by selecting Server Farm during setup.

Create the administration virtual server and configuration database

You need to create the configuration database when you configure the first front-end Web server. For subsequent front-end servers, simply connect to the database

Create and extend a virtual server

You need to create virtual server to contain them in IIS. You can create multiple virtual servers with different IP addresses or host all your sites using the same IP address and virtual server.

Create sites

Finally create sites where you can also enable Self-Service Site Creation so that users can create their own sites.

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