Posting using Microsoft Windows Live Writer

From last two weeks I have not been able to write any thing about any thing.  This is because I was taking few days off from my notebook to get ready for the next Challenge now I will have while working at XAVOR.  As I have told you that XAVOR is a software development company in Lahore which is based on USA.  4 years back when I was near to finish my Post graduation I had a deep desire of working there but failed because at that time the company was GOING DOWN Due to 9/11 because it was end of 2002.  But any way let see what happened.  Today is my last day at home.  I will be going to new office from tomorrow morning.  I am praying and hoping that I will be playing a vital role in the development and betterment of XAVOR more than before.

One more thing.  I am not using Microsoft Work for this blog.  I am using Windows Live Writer.  Here are few screen shots of new Windows Live Spaces, Windows Live Writer and JERRY.



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