My First Day at XAVOR

It’s almost the end of my first day at XAVOR so I decide to write my today’s experience. First of all the thing to note that today is beautiful day because it was started rain as soon as I came out of my door to leave for Office and it is still raining. I came to office with very heavy rain and straight forwardly taken onto my seat to start my work. The first two hours passed with information about XAVOR and policy reading stuff. Then I went for JUMA prayers. As I came back I got the first assignment at XAVOR. XAVOR has their project server which was installed few months back and they are using it in production. They told me to actually RND on it and tell me the things to improve specially in the reporting area. I completed the RND and replied back with my suggestions on the topic. I am hoping to talk about it more on my meeting with leads.

Now let’s Talk about the environment. XAVOR has a nice clean office and good environment to work on. I am sitting on the first floor and my seat is 1st from the right side. Its good because I am not in front of the Split unit which is great . The view from the office window is also very nice when you see car moving on over the Cavalry bridge.

People at XAVOR are also nice as I talked with few guys. I played table tennis and lost all three matches which is not a good sign. I was out of practice really .

End of the day was fine because I had meeting with my manager about my work on Project Server. We finalized that I will create portfolio analyzer views on project web access and try see what kind of data come out of the system.

The day is over. Its only 6 minutes before I will leave for home. It is still raining and I will need to make sure I drive good to reach home on the slippery roads.


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