Project Server 2007 Web Cast

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This web cats will be about installing project server 2007 beta II Technical refresh.  If web cast is on 13th I guess TR could be available before 13th September 2007.  So Keep you eyes open.

When \; Sep 13th, 9 AM to 10 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Meeting Title : How to install Project Server 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh
Webcast link If you cannot click the meeting link above, or it does not work, please do the following:

     Browse to:

     Type your name

     Type the Meeting ID as: PublicWebcast

     Type the Password as: 736410

Audio information

1-866-500-6738 or 203-480-8000. Participant code: 852710#

Who will present?

Microsoft Project Team members from Redmond, USA.

Main objective

To give an overview of how to install Project Server 2007 Beta2 TR and answer any questions you may have.

Can I attend?

Yes. This is a Public Webcast – anyone can attend.

Which Service Pack is Installed in Project & Project Server ?

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Microsoft has a handy web page on their site called DLL Help where you can search by Product or Filename. It’s too bad they no longer keep it up to date. (Project Server 2002 is in, but Project Server 2003 is not.)

When I am asked to resolve an issue occurring in a Project Server 2003 environment, it is quite handy to know which service pack has been applied to Project Server and to Project Professional. Here are some ways to check.

Project Professional 2003

The Windows client is easy to check. Just check the version in the properties of the Winproj executable.

Service Pack       Winproj.exe Version

No Service Pack   11.0.2003.816

Service Pack 1     11.1.2004.1707

Service Pack 2     11.2.2005.1801

Note that the version number for service pack 2 appears slightly differently if you access it from the Help/About menu instead appear as 11.2.2005.1801.15.

See kb821549 (How to check the version of Office 2003 products) for more information.

Project Server 2003

The service packs for Project Server 2003 come in three distinct components: Server, SharePoint and SQL Server. It is not uncommon to come across installations where only one of the three components of the service pack has actually been installed and this leads to problems.

Checking what service pack has been applied to Project Server 2003 (Server portion) is simple. Simply check the version of the pds.dll.

Service Pack               PDS Version

No Service Pack           11.2003.0816

Service Pack 1             11.2004.0.1707

Service Pack 2             11.2005.0.3801

Service Pack 2a           11.2005.0.4110

Remember, if you have modified one of the PWA Active Server Pages, they may not get updated by the service pack (kb906357).

Project Server 2003: SharePoint Services

Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 2a simply reapplied the SharePoint changes that were in Service Pack 1. To check if Service Pack 1 (or any following service packs) has been applied to Project Server’s SharePoint portion, check the Date Modified of the PWAISSUE.JS file under:

The Service Pack 1 Date Modified is March 25, 2004 whereas the original installation of the file would be August 16, 2003.

Project Server 2003: SQL Server

    You can check what Project Server service pack has been applied to the Project Server database by examining the MSP_WEB_ADMIN table and looking at the WADMIN_VERSION_MAJOR and WADMIN_VERSION_MINOR fields.

    Service Pack                  Major     Minor        

    No Service Pack              11          0

    Service Pack 1                11          1

    Service Pack 2                11          2

    Service Pack 2a               11         2

    As you can see, this particular check does not help you distinguish between Service Pack 2 and Service Pack 2a. Unfortunately, I do not have the SQL scripts for Service Pack 2 so I cannot compare them to 2a to give you a definitive way to tell them apart. If anyone has that information, drop me a line and let me know.

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