Microsoft Office Server 2007 ROI

VIA Joel Oleson’s Blog

Here’s a non standard list of what I think CIOs should get excited about when considering upgrade or deployment of WSS V3 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Flexibility of Topology – Ability to optimize where you put what components
Self service recycle bin and 2nd stage Admin recycle bin – Reduce IT costs around restore of documents and lists
Workflow on lists – ability to consolidate business process based applications
Host Header & Corporate Mode Consolidation – Host both types from the same server
Portal Site type moved to common template – greater support for WSS/SPS consolidation more scale for hosting "portals"
Publishing integration – includes master pages, consolidation of CMS/SharePoint
Cross Forest People Picker – supporting fewer deployments and better end user experience
Support for virtualization of production environments – Ability to combine customized business unit environments onto common hardware
Support for virtualization of non production environments – ability to virtualize dev/test/staging, etc…
Pluggable Auth provider – Providing flexible open LDAP directories or SQL databases
Web based Forms – consolidation of consensus type applications, and dependencies on Infopath on all clients using those forms and consolidation of FrontPage published sites (ASP apps) with access dbs
MultiLingual MySites and Areas (sites) 
– providing consolidation of regions or the globe
End user migration of lists and docs – (Prime)

Flexible Webpart Deployment – Add once and it gets replicated to the other servers via Timer job

Reports center KPI, BI, Excel – Consolidation and consistent UI of reporting structures for

Business Data Catalog – Out of the box integration with ERP systems for search, very HOT

Get Ready for WSS v3 and MOSS 2007

Get Ready for WSS v3 and MOSS 2007
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) version 3 delivers new collaboration and workflow capabilities, while Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007 extends WSS v3 with enterprise portal and content management features.
by Roger Jennings

Tech•Ed, June 2006

Windows SharePoint Services version 3 (WSS v3) is a major-scale upgrade to the first Windows Server 2003 add-on that Microsoft announced in March 2003 as the replacement for SharePoint Team services (see Resources). WSS v3 is a highly scalable, royalty-free Web site provisioning engine for Windows Server 2003 SP1 and the June 2006 or later Community Technical Preview (CTP) of forthcoming Windows Server "Longhorn." WSS v3 is an Internet Information Services (IIS) 6+ Web application that provides collaboration features—such as shared lists, documents in libraries, and calendars—and stores the content in a SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or later named instance (OFFICESERVERS). The term Web application refers to an IIS Web site that’s been upgraded with WSS v3 and replaces WSS V2’s use of the term virtual server.

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