Using Site Columns in WSS 3.0 Part I

Lookup columns is very important and most required features in any SharePoint services Version 2.0 implementations.  Some times it is required to collect and show value from other SharePoint sites columns inside a site collection to show some business data in other lists. It was not possible without custom logic using scripts and SharePoint object model.  Windows SharePoint Services Version 3.0 now provides a new features called site columns. Site Columns now solve the Item value sharing problem. Site columns are used when we need to create a column on the top level site in a site collection and the value of that column, or column can be later used in the sub sites lists and libraries.  Just like creating columns on SharePoint document libraries and lists when we define site columns normally by picking the column types, description, formatting and validation.  Sub sites lists and libraries can use these columns later.  Site columns are available in the Site Collection Site Column Gallery (Site Settings -> Site Columns ). Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 provide a number of columns built-In.

Base Columns: like comments, start data, end data, title

Core Contact and Calendar Columns : phone, Fax, email, company, callbacks, college, university, country, organization, profession etc.

Core Document Columns: Author, status, subject, created by, created on etc.

Core Task and Issue Columns: Assigned too, %Complete, Work, Priority, Task, etc.

Extended Columns: Task Status, Issue Status, Wiki Content, Categories, First Name phonetics etc.

Reports, Key performance indicators, and others

The good thing about site columns is that they can be later updated from a single place by choice.  If users wants to change the  

To learn how to create and use site columns in Window SharePoint services 3.0 follow the steps given below

Create a new top level site collection or use any other WSS site.

Click OK


A blank site will be created which will look like this

Create a Custom List.


Move your pointer on site setting on the top right side and select Create from the list.

>Click Create


Under Custom list click on Custom List


Enter Customer in Site Title and some description in the description box and click OK

Go to site settings under the Customer list and scroll to columns section

Under the Column Section click the Title Column.

Note: Title is default column and cannot be deleted from the list but can be renamed.

Change Title to Customer and click OK

Add More Columns

On the Settings page under the columns section click on Add from existing Site columns.

a.       Select the Core Contact and Calendar Group using Group dropdown

b.      Scroll down from the column list and select Postal Code, City and Country

c.       Click OK



Creating Computed Column

On the Settings page under the columns section click on Create Column Link.

a.       Enter  Mailing Address as Title

b.      Select Type as Calculated Based on Other Columns

c.       Type Description if Required

d.      Select the column from insert column list and click Add to formula.  You can all the excel formulas here.  On server installation machine click here

e.      Paste the Following Column =CONCATENATE([Customer]," ",[City]," ",[ZIP/Postal Code]," ",[Country/Region])

f.        Click OK

g.       Navigate Back to the list

h.      Add few Items


Next : See Part II

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