Using Site Columns in WSS 3.0 Part II

    Using Site Colums in WSS 3.0 Part II

>When user clicks OK after enter the basic information Mailing address will be automatically generated.


Creating a Site Colum and Using it in Custom List

1.       Go to Site Settings

2.       Under the Galleries section Click on Site Columns


>You will see the build in columns provide by SharePoint out of the box.

>Click Create



>Enter the title as Business Type

>Select the type as Choice

>Create a New Group to group the custom column easily




>Enter the Description

>Make it Required Field

>Enter the Choices for the column

>Select the Display style

>Enter the default choice and

>Click OK


Newly Created column will be added to the gallery


Add Custom column to Customer List

>Go to Customer List

>Click on Site Settings

>Under the Columns Section Click Add from existing site columns

>Select Xavor from the Group dropdown.

>Select the required column and click add

>Click OK


Selecting Values for newly Created Site Columns


List after Selecting the site column values

Next See Part III

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