SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Features in Micorsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Microsoft Vision and strategy for the next release of Business Intelligence solutions is Complete and integrated offering, widespread deliver of intelligence through office and gradable and affordable business intelligence.

Business Application Platform

Business Application platform includes servers for Integration services (SSIS), Analysis Services for OLAP Cubes and Analytics (SSAS) and Reporting Services (SSRS) for enhanced database reporting application.

End User Tools (Office)

Microsoft Office acts as an end user or client application for the business application platform, Excel is used as a layer to show Analysis data in Pivot tables and charts.

Analytic Tools

These tools include Microsoft Business Scorecard manager to show valuable information graphically.

Analysis Service

AS is part of SQL Server 2005provides us rich multidimensional data that can be processed to be used in SharePoint Server 2005. Tithe data can be used to show KPI and Charts

Excel and SharePoint Server

Office Excel provide as an easy to use interface to analyst data trends and use conditional formatting to make sense of data and see the trends of data. Pivot tables can be used to interactively work with data and use it as per the requirement. The report center in Office SharePoint Server 2007 is used to publish the reports and excel document build to analyze data that is collection from SQL Server 2005.

SQL Server 2005

SQL Server is Suit of 5 Server. Which perform different services, these services includes

  • Relational Databases is standard service provide by SQL and mostly known.
  • Replication Services
  • Notification Services: Subscription to data changes
  • Reporting Services, Reporting Authoring and using Environment
  • Analysis Services, OLAP and data mining
  • Integration Services provide with different databases.

SQL server is a comprehensive integrated data platform that provides data to other applications like Visual Studio.NET 2005, so developers can leverage the functionality by sitting at single place. Microsoft Office provides various features that can use any of the services provides by SQL. SharePoint Server 2007 can also use these features as well as there are other third party applications that can be used to manage the SQL data. SQL Server provides the entire tools requirement to manage all the services provided in it.

SQL Business Intelligence

There are 3 components to analyze your data


Data can came from multiple places so you need to integrate the data using the ETL tools.


Perform custom business logic and applying different patterns of Data mining


Dashboards, SQL Server Reports, Pivot tables and Charts

Integration Services

Integration services provide us the capability to integrate data from different data sources. It is a new name for old DTS tools. Users can use the UI tools to create business logic and apply it on the data collection from different sources. Users can debug the data.

Analysis Services

Provide dimensional model that integrated Relational and OLAP Views. It is a fast view to analysis the data, Analysis services provides proactive caching that enables auto discovery of new transactions and provide KPIs and MDX to customize data is different.

Reporting Services

A great Authoring and publishing environment that can be used to build reports by integration with VS.net 2005 and other tools.